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Testimonial by Michelle E. from Dallas TX

"I had Dalworth come in and clean two couches for me one of which came from a household with 3 cats. After the man finished, it looked and smelled brand new! Not a single hair on it. I wish I would have known they offered this service years ago. The lady I made the reservation with was really nice, she walked me through the whole quote. I asked if there was any way to lower it and she let me know that if my unit is on the 2nd floor, there's a $20 charge for having a portable unit in which they get the water from the bathtub. All in all, it was a great experience. It took the guy about 3 hours total to load in, vacuum the two large couches, clean them, and load his stuff back out. I even had to leave early to pick up a friend at the airport so I left him there alone which is ok because they are bonded and insured."

-by Michelle E.

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