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Tips for Setting Housecleaning Goals for Arlington by Dalworth Clean.

Happy New Year 2016

As we end another year with anticipation of the new year to come, goals are set, projects are determined and budgets are stretched. Hopes of a fresh start, clean slate and good will to come are patiently waiting as time quickly passes. Ways to reach those new goals, projects and budgets simplifies the ongoing lists. Several ideas have been researched and noted to help slide into the new year with optimism and excitement, starting with a fresh clean home!

Set Your Housecleaning Goals: Housecleaning Supplies

  1. Establish Areas & Categories. Rooms, Floors, Ceilings, Exterior, Interior, Appliances, Fixtures...areas improvement and prosperity are hoped for. Take some time to brainstorm each category and note the outcome expected in each category. As you are brainstorming, make sure these are your goals that YOU want to meet, not what someone else has decided for you. Unless it is something you truly want, the end result will not be what you are expecting.

  2. Create Smaller Goals/Make a House-plan. Walk throughout your home with notebook in hand, or a camera for a more detailed visual. Determine what you expect to have accomplished within a 6-months, 3-months, and 1-month of your goal. How far along in the project would you like to be at each time-point.

  3. Create a To-Do List. Create a to-do list of what you expect to accomplish on a weekly and daily timeframe. Periodically review your long-term goals, possibly keep a diary of your expectations and priorities. A checklist for your plan always helps!

  4. SMART Goals. Keep the SMART Goals in mind! Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time-Bound.  

  • Specific: Set clear and defined goals. Make it as easy as you can to get where you want to be.
  • Measurable: Measure each task you complete and celebrate your achievement.
  • Attainable: Keep realistic and achievable goals. Set yourself up for reward an success.
  • Relevant: Goals should be relevant to your direction.
  • Time-Bound: Set deadlines for your goals, ultimately setting up for success!

Make an Action Plan, Stick with It and Have a Wonderful New Year!

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