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Maintain the Beauty of Your Polished Concrete Floors in Justin, Texas

Polished concrete floors add an extra shine to the room. With its durable material and easy to clean surface, it is no wonder that areas in the home that have them appear brighter and more natural than other rooms. Because of the decorative aspects of polished floors, they are made to be easier to clean, but it must also be regularly maintained. Depending on the amount of traffic it receives, the maintenance process varies to preserve the glimmer effect of the polished floors.

General Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning the floors is by far the simplest and easiest way to keep polished concrete the way it is meant to look. Don't take the mere mopping and dusting as the only two procedures of cleaning these polished floor. Chances are, the shimmer of the floor’s surface will begin to lose its effect, and end up becoming dull. Dulling floors occur mostly in high traffic areas such as the living room and the room for homes, and hallways for office spaces.

To keep the floor from dulling, use special cleaners and conditioners that not only cleans its surface, but leaves a dirt-resistant layer on the floor. Once the floor begins to lose its shine, begin buffering the surface. Use a buffer or auto scrubber with very soft bristles, and a white or beige pad.  Other colored pads, and rough bristles will reduce the glossy nature of the floor. If more polishing is needed, use a fine-grit abrasive, and its luster will surely return.

Repairing Procedures

  1. For minor repairs, such as cracks, scratches, or gouges, using proper patching materials, like bonding adhesives, will get the job done.
  2. For discoloration, there are three simple ways to fix the blemished area. Firstly, you can apply tinted sealers to the stained area. Secondly, darken the color of the blemish with water-based stain or dye (only if the discolored area has a lighter shade); and lastly, through microtopping.
  3. For severely damaged tiles, it is possible to have the whole floor must be removed. Companies with concrete flooring services must be contacted to keep polished concrete floors from deteriorating, or from being re-installed incorrectly.

Routine cleanup isn’t enough to keep polished floors from maintaining its shine. When dealing with polished concrete floors there are ways in which cleaning and maintaining the floors won’t become a difficult process. Floors that are newly installed should not come in contact with water for at least three days. This will allow the floor’s sealer or stain protectant time to set itself. When covering the floor in order to protect it, do not use tape. Tape residue can instantly stick on the floor’s surface; creating a mark that can be difficult to remove.

When cleaning the floors, do not use any degreaser or acid based cleaners. The chemicals that are in those cleaners may significantly reduce the floor’s glossy surface. Before purchasing a cleaning agent, always check its ingredients to confirm if the cleaner will improve, or damage the floor. Lastly, there is no need for waxing. Polished concrete is a low-maintenance floor. Adding wax to the surface will add unnecessary clean up in the future.

Cleaning is effortless when it comes to polished concrete floors, and the results always look better after every process. Well-maintained polished floors will make rooms look cleaner, brighter, and more natural under the light. 

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