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Clean Summertime Pet Odor

You already know that your four-legged furry friends can reap havoc on your carpets, but did you ever notice that pet odor is worse in the summer months?

Pet urine contains uric acid. When the temperature and relative humidity rise, the heat reactivates the acid releasing a pungent odor that can reappear in the summer year after year.

Pet Odor Is Stubborn For 3 Main Reasons

  1. Pet odor is a multi-layer problem that most topical treatments cannot penetrate. Urine can soak through the carpet, primary and secondary carpet backing and even into the hard floor underneath. It's impossible to remove urine from all layers without special equipment.

  2. Uric acid is nearly insoluble and requires specific enzymes in order to be neutralized.

  3. Mittens or Fido can be pretty sneaky about their elimination habits, so it's often difficult to locate every area which is causing the odor.

So what is a pet-owner to do? Relocating to an arctic climate is hardly a solution. And resigning yourself to living in a stinky home is not an option. That's when it's time to call the friendly professionals at Dalworth Clean. Our experts are equipped with the tools and know-how to effectively eliminate pet odor, leaving you with a fresh and healthy home.

Urine contamination is not always visible in normal lighting, so our experts first inspect your home using ultraviolet light to locate the problem areas. By using a moisture probe and checking pH levels, our technicians then determine the degree of contamination, or how many layers have been affected by urine. After an initial inspection, we treat the contaminated areas with a powerful neutralizer. Then, using powerful "sub-surface extraction", our technicians effectively eliminate urine from the affected areas even the ones you can't see. We are so confident in our successful odor-elimination process that in most cases we can guarantee complete odor removal from your carpets and furniture.

If you find yourself struggling with pet odor this season, leave the dirty work to our expert technicians. Our powerful pet odor removal service will save you time, energy and peace-of-mind.

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