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Clean Your Tioga Texas Home To Help Control Allergies

Spring cleaning fans may find this hard to believe. Here's what the United States Environmental Protection Agency has said about carpet cleaning. Depending upon the conditions in your environment, you should have your carpets professionally deep cleaned once every three to six months.

Allergy sufferers already know that cleaning for health is a year round job. Complaints related to allergies and asthma increase dramatically in the Fall. The end of summer and back to school rank among the most severe allergy periods. Drying leaves and other foliage coupled with rainy days and changing weather make conditions difficult at best for allergy and asthma sufferers. Allergens cling to clothing and shoes and find their way into your home and ultimately into your family's nasal and respiratory systems.

Also adding to the problem is the fact that energy conscious homes have been built to provide us with tightly closed, highly insulated environments. Carpet and other fabric surfaces installed in homes exposed to air quality problems (dust, smog, pollution, etc.) or occupied by persons with allergy or respiratory ailments require more frequent cleaning attention.

Vacuuming, frequent dusting and high filtration filters on your vacuum and heating system are a first line of defense. Clean entrances and high traffic areas more frequently to reduce the contaminants and soil particles from outside the home that accumulate in these areas.

As an additional measure make sure your carpets, drapery and upholstered furniture are cleaned every three to six months by a professional carpet cleaner. Scheduled cleanings at regular intervals will eliminate the deep allergen residues and airborne particles that become embedded in carpet and other fabrics.

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