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Downsizing Dirt in the Home

Home Cleaning Tips

If you are like most people, cleaning your house can be a real chore. Dirty laundry, taking out the trash, shopping for groceries, and cleaning can be endless tasks. There are things that can be done to help lighten the burden of cleaning.

Check entrances

It is especially important for you to analyze how and where unwanted matter gets deposited inside. It can be tracked in, spilled onto the carpet or deposited from the air. It has been estimated that tracked in matter represents 85 percent of the soil deposited in carpet. Any mother knows that when it rains, sleets, or snows she is going to have a nice trail of dirt on her floor-thank goodness for floor mats, towels, and rubber boots. The first two or three steps of a carpeted entrance, or 6 to 9 feet, contain most of the soil tracked inside and deposited from shoes. The dirtier the entrance becomes, the further into the building soil will be tracked. A dirty entrance can progressively track more dirt onto the next section of clean carpet.

Clean from the Bottom Up

When you start to clean your house always start from bottom up. Gravity pulls big pollutants down and air pushes other contaminants up to higher floors. Always look at the most obvious places first when cleaning. These may be under the kitchen sink, tub, shower, and poorly ventilated spaces. The greatest amount of pollution is generated indoors where occupants carry out most of their activities. In living and working areas, people give off biopollutants and generate much dust when handling paper products and when smoking. Even pets and plants produce wastes, dander and pollen. Don't forget to clean telephones, keyboards, door knobs and light switches. Remember that if you have a computer, printer, or copy machine in your home it's like having a giant magnet for dust. The ionization in computer terminals and screens attracts dust. Inks and toners around the computer easily leave stains on the floor, so get to them quickly. One area of the house that most people neglect is the attic. Be sure to check the attic for excessive dust, rodents, and birds. The attic can be a feeding area for fungi and bacteria.

Five Nontoxic Cleaning Basics

  1. Baking soda. It neutralizes acid-based odors in water, and absorbs odors from the air. Use this as a nonabrasive cleanser for counter tops, sinks, bathtubs, ovens and fiberglass.

  2. Washing soda - This is also known as sodium carbonate. It is safer than a commercial solvent formula, but you should wear gloves when using it. It cuts grease, petroleum oil, removes wax or lipstick and neutralizes odors.

  3. White vinegar and lemon juice are also great at eating away tarnish and removing dirt from wood surfaces.

  4. Liquid soaps and detergents are great at cutting grease.

  5. Oils such as lavender, clove, and tea tree oil - Finally for mold killers and disinfectants.

Professional Cleaning

The best thing you can do for yourself is have a professional (who is an expert cleaner) come into your house. Dalworth is your best source for eliminating soiled entrances which lead to dirtier homes. Dalworth will literally extract the dirt from your floors while at the same time apply protectant. This protectant extends the life of your carpet and helps prevent permanent staining. Speaking of stains, Dalworth is a pro at getting out stains in your carpet. We will analyze the components of the stain and treat it properly. Dalworth can also clean your air vents to help eliminate any transfer of dust. Depending on which package you select, Dalworth will vacuum, hand wipe exposed baseboards, hand scrub carpet edges, and move furniture in order to get to low ventilated areas. After having your floors professionally cleaned, and the house is as germ free as possible, you might consider having a cute container to collect shoes at the back or front door for children or even guests. Much luck to you in downsizing your dirt.

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