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Carpet Cleaning Emergencies in Denison, Texas

Your carpets and upholstery can have emergencies - a flood, for instance. When that happens, call Dalworth. We're ready on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis to respond to your crisis. Our powerful water extraction equipment and our expertise in the restoration of your home and furnishings make us experts at returning your home to a "pre-loss" condition.

Besides unwanted water, there are other common household hazards that threaten your carpets and furnishings with permanent damage - soiling, pet accidents, spills, bad odors, and texture wear are some of them. It's also a fact that in some situations you and your family's health can be affected.

But take heart. In almost every case, your prompt action and a call for our professional help can result in a happy ending.


Floods happen more often than you think. It may come from a sudden storm, burst pipe, sewerage backup, toilet overflow, blocked eaves, etc. That's when you need us. Someone who is specially trained and equipped to remove unwanted water from your home and its furnishings. A specialist who knows how to clean and restore your carpeting. That's why carpet cleaning services like ourselves are also referred to as water damage restoration services.

Flooding calls for prompt action. When you or your insurance agent calls us, our first goal is to determine the "scope" of your "water loss." For instance, we consider the degree of contamination of the water to determine its health risk. "Clean" or "gray" water flooding involves contaminants without immediate health risks. But they should be promptly and professionally extracted. Any moisture left long enough can activate mold, bacteria, decomposition and odors.

"Black" water, from a sewer or outside flood water, is considered hazardous. It carries contaminants that are dangerous. Special health precautions are required during restoration. Call us immediately and avoid contact with it.

Soiling & Texture Wear

Soiling is the build-up of dirt particles and other similar material that cling to your carpet's fibers. Even in meticulously clean households with regular vacuuming, these particles and materials accumulate within the carpet's pile. It results in a gradual dulling of your carpet's luster. Carpet "texture wear" happens over time from foot traffic. Hot water extraction refreshes the texture of your carpet by resetting the twist of the fiber. Soiling and texture wear are reasons carpet manufacturers require periodic professional cleaning for carpet warranty coverage.

Spots & Spills

Today's carpets resist stains better than ever before. But prompt clean up of spots, spills and accidents is still a must. It's not the most urgent thing in your life, but the longer you wait to properly clean a spill, the harder it becomes to remove. Worse, with time some spots can become permanent stains.

The best approach is to immediately clean up as much of a spill as possible. Identifying the source of the stain is key to successful removal, since different stains require different cleaning procedures. Call us if you need guidance.

Use clean white absorbent materials -- towels, napkins or tissues. Always blot up spills, don't rub or brush -- working from the outer edge to the center of the spot. Never use all-purpose spray cleaners, bleach, or alkaline detergents. You can damage your carpet. Also remember - some stains need professional treatment.

Healthy Indoor Environment

Carpeting is beautiful and beneficial, but it also collects pollutants efficiently. This unwanted material "filters" into our carpets. Without regular cleaning, it can result in an unhealthy situation. When carpets become saturated with contaminants they start "spilling" back into our indoor environment. We end up breathing high concentrations of unhealthy pollutants.

As your carpet cleaning and restoration professionals, we are always here to help you. In an emergency or for routine cleaning assistance, always feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call.

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