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Getting Rid of Doggone Pet Odors

Every pet owner in Dallas, TX knows that accidents happen and cleaning up after your pet can be a huge challenge. Not only do you have to do some spot removal over the area where they relieved themselves, but you also have to contend with any lingering odors that are left behind in their wake. What’s worse is if they develop a new bathroom habit, making it much harder to break them from this routine. However, there’s no need to panic. Eliminating pet odors and breaking them from this bad habit requires a lot of patience and careful planning on your part.Dog and Technician

The first step is identifying the areas that your pet has soiled, and then thoroughly clean the area afterwards. You pet will always return to this particular spot since it has marked it with its personal scent. You have to make sure to remove all traces of its scent here by using odor neutralizers or else your pet will always return to this spot to do their “business”.

You can start by soaking any wet stains that are in the area. You can make use of paper towels or newspapers and place them directly over the wet spot. Make sure to get as much of the urine as possible and then transfer it to a more desirable spot where you want your pet to urinate. This will help in training your pet on where the proper “bathroom area” should be. Afterwards, be sure to clean the area further with clean water, and then removing the water through blotting or a wet vac.

To actually remove the odor, there are several solutions that you can use. If they happen to stain any blankets or easily washable materials, add around a pound of baking soda with your detergent. This should neutralize any odors much faster than simply throwing them into the washing machine. You should then air-dry these as soon as possible.

If the smell of urine still persists, you can try buying some enzymatic cleaners at your local pet store. This should break down your pet’s waste more efficiently. However, if you used other cleaning agents beforehand, make sure that all traces of it is removed before using enzymatic cleaners since they can counteract each other and lessen the overall odor removing effect.

Take note that you should avoid making heavy use of chemical cleaners with strong odors since they usually don’t do a good job of completely removing the scent. At best, it will just mask it from other human beings, but will still be detectable to your pet. In fact, this may actually encourage them to reinforce their scent mark in that area.

Finally, you will have to train your pet not to urinate or defecate in that area from now on. If simple house training won’t suffice, you might want to consider getting a professional to get it toilet trained. There are many pet training service providers out there that can help you out with this.

Dalworth Clean has almost four decades of experience under its belt when it comes to providing quality carpet cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas areas. We also specialize in removing pet stains and odors, so feel free to give us a call if you ever need assistance. You can get in touch with us by dialing our number at 817-553-2184 or leaving us a message on our contact page.

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