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Six Tips to Help with Allergies in Copeville, Texas by Dalworth Clean

After such record-breaking heat, the cooler weather has everyone outside enjoying the change. Airborne allergens like ragweed, mold and pollen become more numerous this time of year, making it difficult to enjoy the new season. Allergens can easily make their way into your home, aggravating your families allergy problems. Higher counts of ragweed and pollen will last until the first frost, usually November or December. Until then, these six steps can help you protect your family:

  1. Clean Often

    Keeping your indoor environment clean will improve the indoor air quality, which can dramatically improve your health. Dust and vacuum regularly to removed irritants. Keep the bathrooms dry to avoid mold and mildew growth which can aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma.

  2. Hydrate

    Drinking several glasses of water a day is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drinking water will help flush out allergens and toxins, plus your whole body will feel better when it's sufficiently hydrated.

  3. Change the air filters

    When was the last time you changed the air filters in your heating and cooling system? If you have pollen and mildew in your air filters, your heating and cooling unit will continue to circulate allergens throughout your home. Dalworth also offers an excellent air duct cleaning service which can give you a head start.

  4. Keep doors and windows closed

    Outdoor allergens can find their way into your home via open doors and windows. If your family is especially sensitive, keeping the house closed is an important step to minimize suffering.

  5. Reduce your contact

    If you must go outside but suffer from allergies, early to mid-morning is the time of day when levels are at their highest. Try to keep the doors and windows shut and avoid outdoor activities during this time.

  6. Take Vitamin C

    Eating a balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals is important for everyone, but allergy sufferers in particular should try to get extra Vitamin C. This vitamin is a natural antihistamine and getting 1 gram twice daily can defend against allergies and asthma.

Following these steps can aid your family in finding allergy relief this fall. Dalworth also offers Allergy Relief Treatments, Air Duct Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning and other services that can help you eliminate allergens.

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