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Keeping Carpets Clean in Richardson Texas by Dalworth Clean

Ever notice how dirty your furnace filter can become when it isn't changed regularly?

Did you know that the fabric on your home's furnishings also act like an air filter? Carpet, upholstery, drapes and wall coverings trap dust, allergens, cooking oils and heating residues. In an airtight home it doesn't take long before your carpet and furnishings become choked with these airborne soils.

This brings up an important health issue we now recognize as "IAQ" -- indoor air quality. The quality of the air that we breathe in our enclosed homes and workplaces can get so bad it results in health problems.

But there is another concern as well. Residues from airborne contaminants often contain chemicals such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur. These oxides combine with humidity to form acids that can eat away at the fibers in fabrics damaging their color and strength.

This acid etching activity reduces the beauty and lifespan of the material in your furnishings. Even in the best kept homes, air pollutants build up quickly because most of us are not inclined to vacuum upholstered furniture and draperies as often as we vacuum our carpets.

If your carpet or upholstery appears to need a ray or two of bright clean sunshine, it may be that your furnishings are holding onto some gloomy residues.

Cleaning of these areas as well as your carpets and rugs are another part of our comprehensive professional cleaning and restoration service. Call anytime for a no-obligation estimate.

Here's what cleaning pros recommend for healthy indoor air quality.

  1. Vacuum all of your fabric furnishings routinely. Since most of the soil in your carpet, upholstery, and draperies can be removed this simply, it's a great way to both improve air quality and protect your fabrics.

  2. Keep clean filters in your home's heating and air-conditioning system(s). We can show you how to when we visit your home. The more airborne soil you collect in your furnace filters, the less there is to collect in your furnishings and duct work. Incidentally, in some extreme cases duct cleaning may be recommended.

  3. Remove spots and spills on your home's fabrics immediately. Call us if you have questions about safe spotting solutions and procedures. All-purpose "spray and wipe" cleaners often do more harm than good.

  4. Have your carpet and furnishings professionally cleaned regularly. We have the training, equipment and specialized cleaning solutions to do it quickly and safely. We test unknown fabrics to prevent damage. Professional cleaning removes the damage-causing oxides and pollutants that shorten the life of your home's beautiful furnishings.

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