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Pet Odor Solutions for Dennis, Texas

According to the 2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey, 63% of U.S. households own a pet, which roughly equals about 71.1 millions homes. Owning cats and dogs (or both!) can provide endless joy for many families. Furry friends often become full-fledged family members in many of these households.

No matter how docile your Doberman, or how saintly your Siamese may seem, they may be prone to accidents which can dramatically affect the environment of your home. Have you ever walked into a house, only to crinkle your nose, overwhelmed by the strong odor of pet urine? Or maybe you are insecure about inviting friends and family over because you're concerned that your comfy Colonial smells more like an animal shelter than a home. Pet urine contains crystals which are activated with the heat and humidity in spring and summer. So if you feel your home has been particular stinky this time of year, there's a reasonable explanation.

Many solutions that you buy in stores are topical treatments and these products may successfully mask the smell from you, but not your pets so they return to that spot over and over. What follows is a grueling cycle of cleaning and scrubbing. And when a pet finds a favorite spot, it is likely that the urine has soaked down into the backing, onto the pad and even onto the floor underneath your carpet. When pet odor is a multi-layer problem such as this, it's time to call the professionals, since it's nearly impossible for you to remove the odors from all the layers in your floor.

Dalworth Clean provides a guaranteed pet odor removal service which can allow you and your family, including your fur-babies, to live in a clean and odor-free environment. Our professionals will first inspect your home using ultra-violet lights to determine soiled areas. By using a moisture probe and checking the PH, we can determine how many layers are affected. Then the area is flooded with a neutralizer. The neutralizer is then extracted from all layers and rinsed.

When it comes to removing those pet odors and stains, rely on Dalworth Clean to effectively remove and eliminate pet odor from your carpet, so that you and your pets can enjoy a fresh home.

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