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The Proper Way to Care for Your Precious Oriental Rug in Aledo, Texas

Oriental rugs are beautiful handmade floor coverings that originate from the east. Many collectors particularly look for antique oriental rugs that are simply stunning to behold. Others choose more recent versions of these rugs, which are nevertheless magnificent pieces that truly represent the artistry of those cultures’ weaving industries.

Whether your rug comes from China, Tibet, India or Iran, it deserves periodic care in order to preserve its cleanliness, elegance, and value. Oriental rugs are a labor of love by the artisans who made them, so never treat them like any ordinary floor mat! 

  • Regular professional cleaning – Area rugs can be very expensive, so the best way to care for them is to take them regularly to a professional rug cleaner who has the expertise to deal with such valuable items. If you live in Dallas-Fort-Worth Metroplex, consider bringing your rug to Dalworth Clean. We are one of the most trusted names in the Metroplex when it comes to oriental rug cleaning and repair services.
  • Vacuum clean periodically – Never leave your oriental rug dirty for long periods of time, with all the grit and other particles accumulating between its piles or knots. These coarse particles can cut through the backing, ruining your rug in the process. Vacuuming is one of the easiest ways to prevent dirt and other particles from collecting on your rug.
  • Deal with liquid spills correctly – If you ever have the misfortune of someone spilling soda on your rug or your pet revealing itself on it, make sure to deal with the mess immediately. Get a clean washcloth or several cuts of paper towels and press it gently on the spill. Remember, never wipe the mess or it could spread on a larger area. Just let the towel soak the liquid and repeat the process until most of it is gone. Many types of spills can be cleaned safely with cleaning solutions like enzymatic cleaners or even baking soda mixed with water. Nevertheless, always test the product first on a small spot on your rug to make sure that it will not harm the color. If you’re unsure about what to do, bring your rug to your trusted cleaner.
  • A gentle shake won’t harm – If your area rug is small enough to be handled comfortably while standing, you can shake it up to remove the dirt. Make sure to roll a few inches on one end of the rug. Hold the rug from this rolled end when shaking it to avoid the risk of the rug getting ripped from the force of the movements.
  • Don’t abuse your oriental rug – Oriental rugs are best reserved for places in your home where you won’t be eating snacks or where your pets are not allowed. If your family loves lounging on the rug while eating and drinking during your movie sessions or if you have pets who love playing on soft, comfortable spots, then it might be a good idea to get a heavy-duty rug instead, one which can take on these challenges head on.
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