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Reduce Fall Allergens in The Home

Fall arrived to North Texas early this year with cooler temperatures and some much needed rain. While the break from the heat is a welcome change, the cool, damp weather means allergy sufferers must deal with more seasonal problems than usual. Sneezy, stuffy noses and a variety of other allergy symptoms such as wheezing and coughing let us know that fall is in the air.

Why is this season such a hard time for people with allergies? In the fall, ragweed releases pollen into the air and mold and mildew flourish in damp, cool environments. Decaying leaves are a perfect breeding ground for mold. In addition, we usually open windows in our home and cars allowing pollen and damp air inside, which can make the problem worse.

Fall allergy season can last all the way through the first frost - which can arrive late in North Texas. But don't worry, there are things you can do to help reduce the allergens in your home and provide some much needed relief for allergy sufferers.

Follow these steps to ensure that your home is not just clean, but healthy:

  1. Clean your bathroom thoroughly, including your shower curtain or door. Check the caulk and molding for wear and tear. Your tile and grout and air vents should be checked for mold and mildew and cleaned regularly.

  2. Change the air filters in your home with good quality pleated filters and if you haven't had your air ducts professionally cleaned, now might be a good time.

  3. Vacuum weekly and dust often. Don't forget about the tops of ceiling fans and your venetian blinds; dust often lurks in places we can't see.

  4. Keep windows and doors closed and avoid going outside in the morning, as this is the peak time for pollen.

  5. Remove Shoes - If you do go outside, remove shoes at the door to prevent tracking pollen through your home.

  6. Bathe your pets once a week to eliminate pet dander.

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