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Spring Cleaning Doesn't Have to be a Chore

The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and that can only mean one thing -- spring is here again. Outdoor cookouts, trips to baseball games and working in the garden may comprise your list of things to do this season, but don't forget one very important seasonal activity: spring cleaning. While the task may seem daunting, it need not be. There are several ways you can get your household ready for the new season, and the process doesn't have to be arduous.

Sure the idea of cleaning your house in the springtime seems like a good idea, but before tackling any big project, it's a good idea to take a survey of the task and jot down exactly what it is you would like to accomplish. This method can also help you break spring cleaning down into smaller tasks so you won't feel overwhelmed. Spend a few minutes in each room (don't forget the garage and outdoors!), and decide exactly what it is you want to achieve. Is your craft room getting unruly? Are there closets that you don't dare enter? When was the last time you cleaned out your medicine cabinet, or under the guest bed? The whole idea of spring cleaning is to go beyond your normal routine to reorganize, refresh, renew and reject. Don't forget that throwing out broken and unused items or donating old clothes is an integral part in the spring cleaning process.

Use this checklist as a guideline for your spring cleaning project. Don't forget before you start cleaning, to de-clutter each room (picking up dirty clothes, throwing away old newspapers, etc).

Bathroom Checklist

  1. Dust the ceilings, walls, baseboards, ducts and fans

  2. Take down curtains or blinds and wash accordingly

  3. Wash the windows

  4. Scrub the shower and tub, and pay special attention to the fixtures

  5. Scrub the toilet including the base

  6. Wash all rugs, towels and shower curtains

  7. Clean the floor (sweep before you mop!)

  8. Wash the trashcan and clean the wall behind it

  9. Clean out medicine cabinet and wipe down shelves

Bedrooms Checklist

  1. Clean out closets and under the beds

  2. Dust ceilings, walls and baseboards

  3. Clean the ceiling fan

  4. Take down curtains, drapes or blinds and wash accordingly

  5. Wash the windows

  6. Wash all bedding (including mattress pad and dust ruffles) and flip the mattress

  7. Dust all lamps, picture frames and knickknacks

  8. Dust all bedroom furniture and clean the window sills

Living Room Checklist

  1. Dust the ceilings, baseboards and corners of the walls

  2. Dust and clean all art, mirrors and picture frames

  3. Dust the ceiling fans

  4. Take down curtains drapes or blinds and wash accordingly

  5. Wash the windows

  6. Dust and clean couches and chairs

  7. Dust and clean lamps and knickknacks

  8. Remove books from bookshelves and dust

  9. Clean carpets and rugs

Kitchen Checklist

  1. Dust ceilings and walls. Pay special attention to dirty spots such as behind the stove and trashcan

  2. Clean all art and photographs

  3. Take down all curtains and blinds and wash accordingly

  4. Apply oven cleaner to the oven

  5. Clean out the refrigerator, remove all shelves and clean thoroughly

  6. Remove all burners, knobs and spill catchers from the stove and clean

  7. Detail all appliances such as the toaster and blender

  8. Clean out the kitchen cabinets; throw out mismatched Tupperware, broken spatulas, etc

  9. Run the dishwasher empty

  10. Empty and clean all drawers, wash your silverware holder

  11. Wash the sink

  12. Sweep and mop the floors

It's a lot of work, but you can get some help. Dalworth Clean offers a variety of services that can help ease the work load out of your spring cleaning project. Having your carpets, rugs and air ducts professionally cleaned can not only give you more time to enjoy your home, but also give you the assurance that your home isn't just clean, it's Dalworth Clean.

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