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Stormy Springs Call Dalworth Clean in Denton, Texas


Springtime Blooms with Flooring & Upholstery

While the earth is being nourished and flowers are coming into bloom, allergies Guaranteeand muddy carpets are trailing in right behind them. According to the forecast, it’s going to be a very wet spring. Last year’s storms created flooding around the Dallas/Fort Worth area as river banks and lakes overflowed, causing extensive repair and cleaning costs to homes and office buildings. Let Dalworth Clean provide you with professional cleaning services and bring your floors and upholstered furnishings back to looking new in your North Texas home!

Dalworth Springtime Carpet Cleaning

Whether muddy prints are embedded into the carpet or noticeable foot paths tracking from room to room, Dalworth Clean offers three carpet cleaning packages to choose from. You may also use Dalworth's Online Ordering System to customize the level of cleaning service you are needing by selecting from any of the service features available. Create a service level that’s just right for you and your budget too.Packages

  • 9-Step Premium Carpet Cleaning Services
  • 6-Step Standard Carpet Cleaning Services
  • 3-Step Economy Carpet Cleaning Services

Hardwood, Tile & Stone Polishing

Hardwood Flooring stands up to repeated spills and traffic and withstands regular moisture, but all flooring requires regular cleaning and polishing to protect your investment from water damage and other elements. Springtime is the best time to invest in the added protection for your hardwood flooring from water, mud and scratches. Dalworth Clean offers:

Dalworth Clean's Tile and Stone Floor cleaning services include our professional hot water extraction method. Our service technician will clean a sample area at no cost to show the improvement in your hard surface flooring. Our powerful truck mounted cleaning system will restore the natural beauty of your stone or tile flooring quickly and economically.

Ask about Dalworth's decorative concrete treatments, including staining, stenciling and stamping for a custom finish look for your driveway, entry way or interior flooring of your home. We can create the appearance of stone, wood, marble or tile at a fraction of the cost.

Upholstery, Drapery & Mattress CleaningUpholstery

Upholstered furniture and fabrics use different methods than carpet when it comes to cleaning. While one upholstery cleaning process works well on your couch, the same method will not work on other upholstered furniture. Special considerations such as color fastness and dimensional stability of the fabric must be made. Dalworth Clean provides the cleaning process that's right for your upholstered fabrics, draperies and mattresses. Our upholstery cleaning service can restore the beauty of your favorite sofa, couch or chair, extending the life your upholstered furniture. Dalworth gets your upholstery deep down clean and fresh, bringing back the vibrant color and beauty. Like all Dalworth cleaning services, our upholstery cleaning service comes with a full satisfaction guarantee in your North Texas home.

Dalworth Clean Springtime Area Rug Cleaning

Dalworth's Rug Cleaning Professionals will inspect, clean, repair and restore your rugs during our 10-Step Rug Cleaning Process. We offer FREE Rug Inspections and Quotes, Pickup and Delivery, and Professional Rug Cleaning and Preservation services in our Rug Cleaning Facility:

  • Rug Cleaning/Rug RepairsRugs
  • Rug Protection/Rug Storage
  • Edge Serging and Binding
  • Fringe Replacement/Hole Reweaving
  • Stain Repellent/Moth Repellent
  • Pet Stain Removal/Pet Odor Removal
  • Water and Mildew Solutions
  • Custom Rug Pads
  • Rug Appraisals and Evaluations

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Dalworth's Professional Air Duct Cleaning Technicians will make sure your air ducts are clean and pollutant free. Our technicians are trained and have the skills to clean, repair, seal, insulate and maintain your air ducts and HVAC systems. They will reduce and remove airborne pollutants to improve your indoor air quality so you can breathe easier and stay cool. Guaranteed!Air Duct

Dust, fungus, molds and all kinds of microbes can eventually build up inside your home’s vents if not properly cleaned and maintained. This can lead to a variety of illnesses if left on its own, so there is some form of veracity in getting your vents cleaned from time to time. Dalworth Clean's process involves setting up a proper cleaning system, where a high-pressure hose is run through the ducts to remove dust and other particles. Another method involves using a specialized vacuum with specific attachments that can remove any particles found in the interior ducts. The process is completed with a thorough application of disinfectant to eliminate any mold, fungus or other bacteria. It’s important to note that the entire ducting system, including any fans, pumps and air conditioning, must be cleaned of all foreign particles.

Springtime Allergens

Pollen, dirt, dust mites, mold and animal dander are Maskcommon allergens found indoors at home, work or school, triggering allergies and asthma, especially during the spring seasons. For allergy sufferers, ask about Dalworth Clean's Anti-Allergen Services for your home or office so you can breathe easy. You can take steps to reduce allergens in your Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas home or office when you contact Dalworth Clean for your anti-allergen services.

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