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Fire Retardant Services by Dalworth Clean Dallas/Fort Worth


Protect Your Fabric & Furnishings from Flame Red Chair

When flame retardants are added to fabrics and furniture, they assist in reducing the rate at which they burn and can prevent fire from spreading. Different materials require a different application process, like upholstered or wood furniture to curtains and draperies. Dalworth has gone the extra mile to ensure the correct application to provide more safety in your home.

Upholstered Furniture

Natural and synthetic materials are used on a large variety of modern upholstered furniture, such as sofas, love seats and chairs. These and other types of lounge furnishings can produce smoldering and lead to fire. Synthetic fibers can produce a very hot flame and carry the flames to other surfaces. Upholstered fabrics that do not contain fire retardants ignite easily and will burn quickly if coming in contact with a flame. Acting as a barrier by limiting the amount of oxygen to the fire, flame retardants can ensure an improved fire safety level for synthetic fibers.

Carpets and Curtains

Most carpets and draperies are also made of natural and synthetic materials, making them highly durable. Curtains, blinds, wallpapers and other material are more apt to catch fire due to the vertical placements though, due to flames traveling up and spreading quicker. Dalworth Clean Fire Retardant Services can drastically reduce the chances of flammability to the fabrics, carpet and furniture in your home. Carpeting, drapery, rugs and other materials can be topically treated to reduce flammability to the extent that it becomes non-combustible. During a fire, the fire retardant solution reacts with gases generated naturally by the fabric, converting the gases to carbon char, thus extinguishing the flame or fire.

Wood Furniture and Flooring

Fire and Flame Retardants for wood furniture and flooring Tableis environmentally safe and has a UV and mold inhibitor. The protector works by creating a protective barrier between the fire and the treated wood, preventing the wood from igniting. The protectant is applied by using a roller or brush and penetrates the substrate, creating a self-extinguishing reaction when the treated material exposed to an open flame.

Flame retardants are not interchangeable and must be used according to the material being protected. Individual home furnishing products and applications may have specific requirements that can only be met by a select class of flame retardant, or even a specific flame retardant within that class. Dalworth knows and abides by strict standards to provide the safest features for your floors and furnishings.

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