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Dalworth Clean One Year Spot & Spill Warranty in DFW 

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Now that you've had Dalworth Clean's Premium Stain Protection Treatment applied to your carpet and upholstery, you will get even more protection with Dalworth's One Year Spot and Spill Warranty. 

Should an accident leave you with a spot on the treated area Spot Warranty Cardthat you cannot remove yourself, follow these steps:

  • Call our 'Emergency Spot Line' (469) 729-4515
  • Give your Dalworth Clean representative your Warranty Number located on your Warranty Card.
  • Explain how the stain occurred. Example 'I spilled some red wine on the carpet.'
  • We will guide you through steps to remove the spot.
  • If after following steps, the spot does not come out, call back on the Emergency Spot Line to schedule an appointment. We will send one of our professionals to attempt removal of the spot Free of Charge.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This warranty does not cover spots caused by pets.
  • If circumstances require more than 45 minutes on the attempt to remove the spot, a charge may apply.
  • There is no guarantee the spot will be removed. Some spills may result in permanent stains.
  • Dalworth Clean will return to re-clean spots or stains if they re-appear within 30 days of service call. 
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