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Your Health from Hospital to Home by Dalworth Extreme Clean DFW

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Extreme Cleanâ„¢ by Dalworth Clean is for those seeking the highest level of hygiene throughout their home. A new baby, a family member returning from a hospital stay, an asthma or allergy sufferer are just a few examples of who might benefit from Exteme Clean.Clean Areas

Your Home Becomes Hospital-Caliber Clean

Extreme Cleanâ„¢ involves 'hospital intense' cleaning of most or all surfaces within the home, including all flooring, furniture, walls, counter tops, cabinets and ventilation ducting. Dalworth Clean places special emphasis on reduction of household dust and use novel strategies to accomplish our goal.

Dalworth's Disinfecting Strategy

With Extreme Cleanâ„¢, we strive to reduce the dust, soil and contamination levels normally found within the average home. The goal is to achieve a level of hygiene that minimizes the opportunity for the spread of infection, creating an environment conducive to recovery during the transition from hospital to your home.Wheelchair

Hospital Intense House Cleaning

Dalworth's Extreme Clean Team are experienced and certified to provide mold and bacterial remediation cleaning. We clean to those standards to assure the most thorough cleaning possible in your home. The goal of Dalworth Extreme Cleanâ„¢ is to achieve the highest level of hygiene within the home of a patient making the transition from hospital to home and providing a new level of clean resulting from decades of experience and dedication to clean.

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