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Carpet Buying Tips in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas by Dalworth Clean

New Carpet Buying

The trails are apparent and your carpet is getting beat down. Between pets and children tracking across your carpet morning, noon, and night or employees and clients in and out of meetings or to the coffee pot throughout the day, it's time to consider replacing your carpet. Dalworth Clean is here to help you prepare and select the best choices for long lasting carpeting throughout your home or business.

What is the Best Carpet? Pig Cash

  1. Carpet Seams. Carpet seams typically range from 12 to 15 feet in width. Depending on the color and style you select, placement of furniture and lighting in the room, seams can be more visible. When making your selection, take each of these items into consideration.

  2. Carpet Quality. For improved durability, look for carpeting with high durability with a tighter twist construction and density. New carpet ads value to any home and well worth the investment.

  3. Carpet Padding. Ask for padding with protection. Accidents happen and when they do, they soak through your carpet into the padding, making it difficult to get any odors out that have seeped into the padding. Padding protection on both sides of the carpet padding will protect the life of the padding and any mishaps that can leave an ongoing odor.

  4. Carpet Color. The color of your carpet can affect the size appearance of the room the carpet is installed. A lighter color will make the room appear larger, while darker carpet will appear smaller or cozier. If you are planning to move soon, a neutral color is always best so the buyer can visualize their items in the room. 

  5. Carpet Stains. Spots and stains are inevitable, no matter how careful you are. The higher quality carpet you select, the better the protection and warranty services will be. When making your purchase, make sure stain protection services are provided.  

  6. Carpet Warranty. Labels on the back of the sample carpet you are considering should provide you with the warranty provisions for your carpet selection. Protect your investment and yourself from surprises down the road. 

  7. Carpet Cost. The cost per square foot (or square yard) of your new carpet selection and what is included in the installation cost? Make sure the cost includes the removal of the old flooring, delivery, moving of furniture, any pre-installation treatments and if the cost includes the cost of installing the padding.

Repair or Replace?

If you are not quite ready to make that new purchase, contact Dalworth Clean today! Dalworth can make repairs to your carpet and have treatments that can, in most cases, bring your carpet's original luster and shine back without the cost and time of making the purchase you are not quite ready for! See Dalworth's Specials in your North Texas Area!

My Flooring Warranty

Dalworth Clean is proud to participate in the "My Flooring Warranty" program along with quality flooring retailers across the Dallas/Fort Worth area. When your carpet comes with "My Flooring Warranty" you can expect the best performance, longest life and greatest value from your purchase. So, if you are shopping for new carpet, be sure to choose a flooring retailer that offers "My Flooring Warranty". There is no additional cost for "My Flooring Warranty" and it includes a full year of emergency spot and stain removal!

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