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Wood Floor Renewal Services in Dallas/Fort Worth

Wax Buildup on Wood Floors

The most common mistake made by most homeowners, when taking care of their wood flooring, is the everyday use of a variety of cleaning products containing acrylic wax. If the label says “Shine” it probably contains acrylic wax.

Regular use of these products will result in:New Gallery

  • The formation of an acrylic wax layer that covers the original floor finish.
  • The added layer of acrylic wax scratches the wood easily.
  • It can result in a hazy, or in some cases, an overly shiny finish.
  • In extreme cases, the acrylic wax can begin to flake.
  • Flaking can damage the original finish over a period of time.
  • Acrylic wax is not easily removed and will require professional service.

Dalworth Clean Wood Floor Revitalization

Dalworth can remove the acrylic wax build up on your wood flooring with our Revitalization Process. Designed by a major manufacturer of wood floor finishes, the process gently removes the layers of wax build up and deep cleans your wood floors. See our video above about for more information on Dalworth Clean's wood floor revitalization process.

Revitalization Process Includes:Dalworth Wood Floor

  • Sweep Floor - for removal of dust and debris.
  • Move Furniture - to ensure cleaning of all wood flooring.
  • Apply Specialized Stripping Agents - to dissolve and loosen wax.
  • Extract Liquified Wax from Floor - using our truck mounted cleaning system.
  • Apply Thin Coat of Polyurethane to Floor - if needed for high wear areas.

Benefits of Wood Floor Revitalization

  • Removes Unsightly Build Up of Acrylic Wax
  • Deep Cleans Wood Flooring
  • Eliminates Appearance of Surface Scratches
  • Reveals Floor’s Original Finish
  • Far Less Costly - than either replacement or sand and refinish

Revitalization Service Includes:

Services Clean Renewal
Sweep Floor for Dust Removal
Move Furniture
Use Specialized Equipment to Remove Wax Buildup  
Apply a Thin Layer of Polyurethane (optional) Opt Opt


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