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Carpet Cleaning Dallas

For more than 38 years, Dalworth has been providing high-quality professional carpet cleaning in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding DFW area. Of all the carpet cleaners in Dallas, Dalworth has the most experience and the highest customer quality rating. Dalworth provides more than just carpet cleaning in Dallas. We are specialists in upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor refinishing, marble polishing and marble restoration, ceramic tile and grout cleaning, pet odor removal, and allergy relief treatments. Dalworth maintains an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Take a few minutes to look at some of the customer reviews from your neighbors in Dallas and get an on-line quote or give us a call. We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers in Dallas!

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Dallas carpet cleaning reviews

(Average Rating is 98.7 for ALL surveys completed in the last 365 days)

Polly C (Dallas, TX)

My technician was timely, nicely dressed and kind! I can't remember his name but he was great and I'd definitely recommend him and Dalworth. Thanks!

Estelle L (Dallas, TX)

Mr. James Coleman cleaned the carpets exceptionally well. I would definitely recommend Dalworth to anyone who asks my opinion. He was courteous, efficient and answered any questions I asked him. Thank you for sending him. Estelle Lara  I had to say "great bargain" because of the green discount that was offered to me, and because my carpets were in very bad condition from recent construction in the kitchen. Thank you.

Dr. John G Mchenry (Dallas, TX)

They always do a good job, I have them do my drapes and carpet. I have no complaints, they do a great job

Marta M (Dallas, TX)

The young technicians were very friendly and knowledgeable, worked non stop, left everything neat. Carpet protectant was applied.

Barbara C (Dallas, TX)

Tech was very good.

Tracy K (Dallas, TX)

great tech guyl!!!

Matthew C (Dallas, TX)

The technician was very conscious of any spots that needed treating and those areas that that had a track of more soiled carpet just due to traffic flow. We just had our condos walls & ceilings retextured and painted, plus new floors in the kitchen and bath. We thought we would get the carpet cleaned and see how it looked before buying new. It was still drying when I left for the weekend, but it was looking great! I think it was dollars very worth spending. Gee, I may get my carpet cleaned more often!

Don E (Dallas, TX)

I would recommend Eric Rhodes to any customer he is a real nice person.

Valerie C (Dallas, TX)

It was a very humid day but even at midnight we still had to take things off the bed that are normally on the floor and hope for the best. That was with a fan on it. The living room still feels a little damp. Larry looked great but the other guy looked a 'little wilted' but seemed to be the better and more hands on of the 2 technicians. I did miss having TJ!

Martha R (Dallas, TX)

The reason I said not on time is because the people scheduled couldn't come & a replacement was found. He came at the time I was told he would.

Laura J (Dallas, TX)

There was one spot that the technician said he was able to remove and at the time, it was gone - but then after it dried; it came back worse and larger. This is not the technicians fault - but wanted to point out.

Lisa L (Dallas, TX)

Rita & Chuck were wonderful. My only concern was I thought the pet treatment procedure was bit costly. 2 small spots a $50.00

Rebecca M (Dallas, TX)

Chuck was very professional, did an excellent job and cleaned up to my standards. I highly recommend Dalworth for carpet cleaning or any other service they offer.

Carol J (Dallas, TX)

I will certainly choose your company again and would recommend Dalworth to friends. Tracey Williams did a great job and explained each step as he went along. Natasha was friendly and gave me, what I thought, was a great price.

Sue V (Dallas, TX)

He also arranged for some area rugs to be picked up in record time! They are expected back by next week!

Michelle V (Dallas, TX)

Excellent job!

Karen B (Dallas, TX)

Harold is the reason I use your service. Most professional technician.

Faith J (Dallas, TX)

The technician was excellent! The last two times Dalworth cleaned my carpets it took 3 days for it to dry completely. The technician told me they used too much water, and assured me this wouldn't happen again. He was right!! The carpet is fluffy again, and the high traffic areas have more spring. I will see how it wears over the next few days/weeks, but today it looks and feels great.

Barbara C (Dallas, TX)

Travis was particularly helpful and very professional. Austin was a very good representative of your company as well.

Rebecca E (Dallas, TX)

Cory, technician, was friendly and answered my questions. He did a great job!

Rebecca E (Dallas, TX)

Cory, technician, was friendly and answered my questions. He did a great job!

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Bill C (Dallas, TX)

The only problem was caused by an early arrival around 10AM instead of the scheduled 2PM. We weren't through getting ready -- moving furniture out of the way and vacuuming -- so there was a mad scramble to accommodate the earlier time slot that opened up when a truck was free.