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Dalworth Area Rug Cleaning Process in Dallas/Fort Worth TX Metro

Quick Facts About Dalworth

At Dalworth Clean and Dalworth Rug Cleaning, we are dedicated exceeding your expectations using our 10-Step Area Rug Cleaning Process to clean, deodorize and repair your area rugs.

10-Step Rug Cleaning ProcessQuick Facts About Dalworth Rug Cleaning

Includes pick up, inspection, measuring, compressed air dusting, water immersion cleaning, fresh air drying, and delivery.

Step 1: Initial Inspection & Rug Pick Up

We will dispatch a Dalworth Rug Cleaning technician to your home or office to pre-inspect and pick up your rug. Your technician will measure your rug and give you a FREE estimate. Then we will take your rug to Dalworth's state-of-the art rug cleaning facility, conveniently located in the Mid-Cities.

Step 2: Follow Up Detailed Rug Inspection

At our rug cleaning facility, Dalworth's Rug Specialist will remeasure and thoroughly inspect your rug to determine its fiber construction, special needs and best cleaning method. Any rug damage will be documented such as mold, mildew, stains, discoloration, worn fringes, and pet accidents. If repairs are needed, Dalworth will contact you with a recommended course of action to repair and restore your rug prior to cleaning. With an approved quote, we begin the rug cleaning process.

Step 3: Compressed Air Dusting

Using compressed air, we will dust the rug on both sides prior to cleaning. Compressed air is a gentle and effective way to remove dust, dirt, and small particles, not removed by vacuuming.

Step 4: Rug Cleaning, Immersion Wash and Rinse

After dusting, the rug will be tested for colorfastness. Then we proceed to hand wash your area rug to maintain its color vibrancy and prevent dye bleeds. Gentle cleaning agents and a clear-water rinse is used to remove stains, dirt, and odors. This process is repeated until the rug water washes clear.

Oriental Rug

Step 5: Fresh Air Rug Drying

Each clean rug is then air dried for natural and gentle rug care. Some rugs are hung to dry, using gravity to pull water out, while other rugs are dried flat based on the best determined method.

Step 6: Rug Combing & Brushing

We brush and comb your rug as it dries, producing a luxuriously soft rug upon deliver.

Step 7: Rug Fringe Cleaning & Grooming

Once dry, the fringes are groomed and hand combed, with the edges trimmed for the final touch.

Step 8: Vacuuming & Final Inspection

Once the rug cleaning, repair and restoration process is complete, the rug is re-vacuumed, any loose fibers are trimmed, and a final inspection.

Step 9: Rug Fiber Protector & Rug Pads

As an optional service, we can apply moth, carpet beetle, and insect larvae deterrent, with a fiber protector to prevent your rug from future staining. Additionally, a custom-sized, non-skid rug pad can be delivered and installed to prolong the life of your fine area rug. The rug pad will keep the rug in place, reducing slipping, and provide an added layer of sound absorption.

Step 10: Rug Delivery

Rug pad

We deliver your fresh, clean rug and move any furniture as needed to place it in  your home or office.

Dalworth Satisfaction Guarantee

All of Dalworth's work is guaranteed. We do everything to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our rug cleaning, repair, restoration and custom rug pad services.

Call Dalworth today at 817-553-2184 to schedule your rug cleaning services in our Dallas/Fort Worth and North Texas Service Area