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Reviewed By: Tricia C
Location: Mckinney, TX 75070

Please rate technician's appearance 4 Stars4
Please rate technician's attitude 4 Stars4
Please rate technician's competence 2 Stars2
Would you refer Dalworth to your friends 2 Stars2
Comment The reason for the low rankings is I asked for pet odor removal in the master bedroom. They told me of it was t too harsh I could get the lesser service but they would look at it when they got there. We told the technician we wanted whatever it took to get the odor out. After the carpets were cleaned the odor was worse. I had to sleep with my windows opened and try my best to deodorize it to withstand the odor. I called Customer service to let them know and they said they would come out in the 21st and they would look into what I purchased to get it remedied. I didnt get a call back and the technician did not come today. If someone could call me back to fix the problem, that would be great. Thank you.
Overall Rating 3 Stars

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