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Dalworth Clean’s hot water extraction process provides a deep down cleaning of carpet to remove soil, stains and odors. Most spots encountered are easily removed by our . Some spots, however, may require special attention. Dalworth’s technicians are experts in spot removal.

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Carpet Stain Removal

Dalworth Clean Carpet Spot and Stain Removal

Spots and problem areas are pre-treated prior to the cleaning process. Spots that are not removed by the cleaning process are re-treated and cleaned a second, and in some cases a third time. A spot that remains after the second or third attempt to remove it with the cleaning process is a stain. Some stains may be removed by using specialized stain removal procedures

What Causes Stains

Stains most commonly occur when something is spilled on the carpet which contains dye, soaking into the carpet fibers.

For Example:

  • Kool Aid
  • Big Red Soda
  • Grape Juice
  • Red Wine
  • Mustard
  • Lipstick
Bleach Stain

Other Causes of Staining Include:

  • Acids The presence of acid in the spill. If your pet or child throws up on the carpet there is sure to be plenty of acid present in the spill, which could cause staining.
  • Bleach Chlorine bleach will create permanent stains by removing the dye from the area it is spilled on. This is especially true on nylon carpet. Other fibers like polyester or acrylic may not be affected by bleach.
Red Soda Stain removal

Specialized Stain Removal

Dalworth Clean's Technicians are experts in stain removal. The specific removal procedure for a given stain is determined by the nature of the stain. If you know what caused the stain, that information could be helpful to your technician in determining the exact procedures to use in the removal process. Some stains may be removed with very little effort, however other stains may require more time. Due to the additional time required to remove these type stains, an extra charge may be incurred.

Although many stains can be removed, some stains may be permanent. If the stain is permanent and cannot be removed, using a 'bonded insert' may be the solution of getting rid of the stain.

Removing Permanent Stains with a Bonded Insert

Removing Permanent Stains with a Bonded Insert

It may be possible to remove the stain by cutting it out of the carpet. Then a new piece of the same carpet would be bonded in to the same spot. It’s possible the bonded insert will blend in perfectly with the existing carpet without visible seams. That will depend on several factors:

  • The Type of Carpet The longer the face yarns, the easier it is to blend in.
  • If the Replacement Carpet has Never Been Used It may look newer than the surrounding carpet until traffic and wear blends it in over time.
  • Location of the Problem The center of the room will be more obvious than the corner. If no replacement carpet is available, an alternative may be to simply move the stain from where it is to the back of a closet? You’ll end up with a stain in the closet, but that may be ok.
Pet Stain Removal Thumb Image

Pet Stains

Pet stains are unpredictable. Sometimes they come out easily with just the normal cleaning procedures. And sometimes, they come out with just a little extra effort by using specialized stain removal techniques. Unfortunately, pet stains can also be permanent. Prompt attention to a pet accident will help to prevent it from being a permanent stain.

Do It Yourself Stain Removal Tips

Dalworth Clean provides a 'Do It Yourself Guide' to stain removal at this website.
Just click here,for Stain Removal Tips, standard cleaning process.

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