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Over time, the accumulation of dust, dirt, and stains on your carpets can lead to unpleasant odors at your home or office. However, a thorough “deep rinsing” cleaning process, like the hot water extraction process is a great way to remove odors from your carpet. Ultimately, the most effective approach to eliminating odors is to address their source. Our crews remove soil and odor-causing contaminants from your carpet fibers. For particularly stubborn odors, Dalworth provides various treatments tailored to the specific type of odor present. Call 817-553-2109 or click here.

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Our carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction, also referred to as “steam cleaning”, and is recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

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Post-Cleaning Carpet Deodorizing Treatments in Arlington & Plano, Texas

  • Enzyme Treatments: Enzyme treatments break down odor-causing organic substances, stopping minor pet urine odors.
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment: Anti-microbial treatments kill odor-producing bacteria. They effectively address odors stemming from urine contamination by preventing secondary bacterial growth. Some treatments leave behind a residue to combat contamination.
  • Oxidizers: Oxidizers transfer oxygen to the source of odors to burn up the odor-causing molecules and eliminate smells in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Paring or Masking Agents: These deodorizers mask odors without altering them chemically or neutralizing them, offering a temporary solution.
  • Foo Foo: By using a pleasant smell to cover up a bad one, Foo Foo scents like cherry, vanilla, lemon, and peppermint provide a temporary fix.
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Which Deodorizing Option Works Best?

When you eliminate the odor's source, that is the top deodorizing choice. However, it takes longer and costs more. So, that is the priciest option. The treatment you pick depends on your situation and budget.

Many homes have pets, and accidents occur despite good training. Dalworth offers excellent carpet cleaning services in DFW. We have options for pet odors. We can guarantee the complete removal of pet odor in most cases from your carpets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Pet Urine on Carpet

Issues Related to Chronic Pet Urine Odors

Discover the extent of deep-seated pet urine odor problems and how to address them effectively. The threats include:

  • Urine has penetrated the surface yarn of the carpet
  • Urine has seeped through both the primary (latex) and secondary (polypropylene) backings of the carpet
  • The urine has permeated the padding beneath the carpet
  • Urine has saturated the subfloor beneath the carpet padding
  • Urine may have also permeated adjacent baseboards and walls
  • Lingering odors and smells may also be present in furniture and drapes
Upholstered Fabric

Now Where is The Smell Coming from?

The longer a pet odor persists, the stronger the odor gets. When left untreated, the smell can seep into other materials, including:

  • Drywall
  • Lamp Shades
  • Upholstered Fabric
  • Air Ducts
  • Baseboards and Other Wood Surfaces

Rely on Dalworth’s Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal Services in Dallas & Fort Worth

Removing odors from your carpet can be a challenge if left unaddressed for too long. It's important to have your carpet treated as soon as you notice an odor or spill to guarantee complete removal. Dalworth can guarantee to eliminate most severe pet odor problems if the urine is contained within the carpet and pad. Reach us now to receive the best carpet odor removal services available in Arlington, Allen, Anna, Azle, and other DFW areas.

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Very pleased with the service and performance of the technician! Carpet is clean and odor free and the tile hasn't looked this good since the house was built!

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Monte comes out every six months and does a great job of cleaning, deodorizing and taking care of my aging carpet. He is my every time ask for guy and Dawn knows that when she calls to remind me. What a team! But Monte makes it happen. Couldn’t be...

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I had my carpets cleaned just yesterday. We have 2 little dogs that will sometimes go on the carpet upstairs, especially when it's storming or if we are away too long. I've rented carpet cleaners in the past, but our carpet is a little darker, so y...

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Pet soil or vomit is a complex mixture of foodstuffs, saliva, stomach acids and digestive waste products. Sometimes, this mixture can stain the pile of a carpet or leave a persistent odor. Follow the tips below to cleanup the stain.

If the spots on your carpet come back or reappear, contact Dalworth Clean as soon as possible to get carpet cleaning services.

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