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Reviewed By: Marilyn S
Location: Burleson, TX 76028

Please rate technician's appearance 4 Stars4
Please rate technician's attitude 5 Stars5
Please rate technician's competence 5 Stars5
Would you refer Dalworth to your friends 4 Stars4
Comment The only issues were:
1. We should have been told what to expect as far as the duct cleaning process when we placed the order.. We were not prepared for the dust all over electronics and furniture. The technician did inform us in advance that it was not a clean process but at that point we went ahead with it since he was already there and ready to work. Had we been advised when we placed the order we would have been prepared for the dust and would have taken steps to protect our home.
2. The technician placed plastic on electronics and furniture but it was so thin it did very little to minimize the dust. We suggest that in the future techs should carry heavier, more effective covering to prevent damage and inconvenience.

The technician, Felipe, is an excellent representative of your company. We would strongly recommend him to your other customers.
Ashley, The CSR who took our order is extremely friendly, helpful and professional. Very impressed with her CS skills!
Overall Rating 4 Stars

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