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Plant Food Stain Cleaning Tips in Dallas/Fort Worth

Plant Food Stain Removal

Many plant foods have chemicals that can damage the color of your carpet. Try these recommendations for cleaning the plant food stain, but you may need to call us for help.

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Plant Food Stain on Carpet

Stain Removal Ingredients

  • AMMONIA 1 Tbsp. clear household ammonia in 1/2 cup water. Always pre-test.
  • DETERGENT 1-2 drops colorless, mild detergent or dishwashing liquid in 1 cup lukewarm water.
  • ENZYME DETERGENT Mix enzyme detergent per instructions on the package and allow to remain on stain recommended time. Do not over wet. CAUTION: Enzymes can damage natural fibers like wool. Use with care or Call Us.
  • WHITE VINEGAR 1/3 cup white household vinegar in 2/3 cup water.
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Plant Food Stain on Carpet


  • Scoop up as much as possible.
  • Blot up remaining with clean white towels.
  • Apply detergent solution, blot.
  • Rinse with water, blot dry.
  • Apply pressure to the spot with a spatula or the back of a tablespoon to work spotting solution deep into the spot. DO NOT SCRUB as this may cause nap distortion of the fiber.
  • If stain persists, apply dry cleaning solvent, blot.

(Dry cleaning solvent contains an organic compound. Use carefully in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Use in well-ventilated space and avoid products containing perchlorethylene.)

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We required restoration cleaning in one bedroom and pet odor treatment. The tech explained that the smell would be magnified during and after the cleaning. When the carpet finally dried (to be fair, it rained that night and snowed the next morning - ...


The gentleman who did the cleaning did a wonderful job. He removed stains that I did not think could be removed. The carpet looked brand new after he was finished. He was a wonderful person. Thank you.

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Tamworth cleaning service is absolutely amazing. I have learned so much from our technician Cullen Risto. Very professional and well informed. I strongly recommend dalworth if you are looking for a great cleaning service!!! The prices are a superb v...

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