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Steam Carpet Cleaning Method Dallas/Fort Worth

Dalworth Clean uses the hot water extraction process, or “steam cleaning” to clean carpet, and many other surfaces. Steam cleaning provides a deep-down rinsing of the carpet fiber by removing soil, spots, odors, and allergens. Most major carpet manufacturers require steam cleaning in their new carpet warranties as a condition to keep the wear warranty valid.

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How the Cleaning Process Works

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  • Spots and Heavy Traffic Areas are first pre-treated with cleaning agents which loosen the soil from the carpet fiber so that it can be quickly rinsed out by the extraction step.
  • Fresh Water is heated up by the truck mounted cleaning system, then pumped through a high-pressure hose connecting the truck mounted cleaning system to the cleaning wand.
  • Hot Water is released into the carpet by the cleaning wand.
  • The Hot Water suspends the soil and cleaning agents and quickly pulls back into the wand through a vacuum slot on the bottom of the wand.
  • The Vacuum transports the water through the vacuum hose back to the service truck where it is deposited into a waste tank.
Truck Method

Truck Mounted Cleaning System

Dalworth uses a modern truck mounted cleaning system. The main cleaning machine remains in the service truck. The cleaning wand and hose are the only equipment that enters your home. It’s powerful, quiet and by far the most effective cleaning system for carpets available today.

Portable Cleaning System

Portable Cleaning System

If the area to be cleaned is located too far from the nearest available parking, it may not be possible to use the truck mounted cleaning system. Common Examples Include:

  • High Rise Residential Spaces
  • Apartments
  • Mall Retail Spaces

*In these conditions, Dalworth uses portable cleaning equipment. This type of equipment can be removed from the truck and transported to the area being cleaned.

Meets Industry Standards

With our Standard and Premium Service, your carpet is cleaned in accordance to industry standards established by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning, Restoration and Certification (IICRC) Standard S-100.

That standard includes:

  • Vacuuming
  • Pre-Treatment of Spots and Heavily Soiled Areas
  • Furniture Moving
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Drying Fans Maximize Drying Time
Dalworth Clean Truck with Restoration Cleaning Equipment

Restoration Cleaning

Dalworth offers an optional “Restoration Cleaning” process for extremely soiled carpet. It includes an additional step using a rotary floor machine which is used to break up heavy soiling and better prepare the carpet for the final steam extraction step.

Even heavily soiled carpets can often be returned to “like-new” condition.

Carpet drying
Drying Time

We know our customers don’t want to wait very long for their carpet to dry after cleaning. Our Standard and Premium services include the use of drying fans to help achieve the shortest drying times. Even with our Economy Service, which does not include fans, drying time is only a few hours.

Improve Indoor Air Quality by Steam Cleaning

With our truck mounted cleaning system, soil, allergens and other contaminants, are effectively removed from your carpet and deposited into a waste tank in our truck. Studies have shown that properly cleaned carpet contributes to improved indoor air quality.

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