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Living with pets is certainly a joy, but can also be a challenge. Accidents can happen even with the best-trained pets. Below are some tips to deal with fresh pet accidents.

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Dealing with a Fresh Pet Accident

  • Blot up as much of the urine into an absorbent pad as is possible. (Folding several paper towels together to create a thick absorbent pad is ideal,
    but a thick towel is good too.)
  • Place the pad over the affected area, then stand on the pad.
  • Repeat this step with a fresh pad until no moisture can be absorbed.
  • Take a cup of warm water and pour directly onto the affected area.
  • Repeat the blotting process using the absorbent pad until no moisture can be absorbed.
  • This process will work for a problem area even if it’s not fresh and has begun to develop an odor. (This is unless the urine has penetrated the back of the carpet and made it's way to the pad.)

After time and repeated accidents in the same place, an odor is likely to develop.

Carpet Layers Structure

Pet Odor Problems Usually Involve Layers of Flooring

Repeated accidents in the same spot will result in the urine penetrating through the multiple layers of material. For example, when a dog is marking his territory.

  • Face Yarn (carpet fibers)
  • Primary Backing (latex)
  • Secondary Backing (polypropylene)
  • Carpet Padding (foam rubber)
  • Sub-Floor (concrete or wood)

Larger dogs may soak through multiple layers in only one accident. In the most severe cases, the urine will saturate into the sub-floor underneath the carpet pad.

Light Oder Problems

Pet Odor Treatment Options

Light Odor Problems

Our hot water extraction process is a deep rinsing process. Minor pet odor problems that are limited to the face yard of the carpet may be removed by cleaning, along with the application of a topical deodorizing treatment.

Medium pet oder Problems

Medium Pet Odor Problems

If the urine has soaked through the carpet backing and is now into the carpet pad, it may be removed with our “sub-surface” extraction process. Using specialized tools connected to our truck-mounted cleaning system, we can flood the contaminated area with fresh hot water. The water is then vacuumed out, using a powerful vacuum from our cleaning system. Drying time for the affected area is normally less than 24 yours.

Severe Pet odor Problems

Severe Pet Odor Problems

With severe pet odor problems, the urine has made its way into the subfloor. If the affected area is carpet only, meaning no walls, baseboards, furniture or drapes, it can still be removed. However, it may require additional steps that include:

  • Pulling back the carpet and replacing the pad.
  • Cleaning the backing of the carpet.
  • Treating or even sealing the subfloor.

If the affected area includes walls, baseboards, furniture or drapes, the effort required to remove the odor becomes greater. Replacement of baseboards or drywall may be required to completely removed the door.

Sever Odor

Severe Odor Over Long Periods

Severe odor problems left untreated over long periods of time can be very challenging. Eventually, the urine odor is absorbed into all the many different porous surfaces in your home. To deal with this condition, Dalworth offers a gas deodorizing process that fills the entire interior space of the home.

Sick sick-dog

E.O.N Gas (Extreme Odor Neutralizing)

E.O.N Gas is a powerful oxidizing gas that fills the entire interior space when used. It can neutralize a wide range of organic odors, including urine. It does require the premise be un-occupied for at least 12 hours. It leaves no toxic residue as the gas quickly breaks down into inert ingredients. It leaves a mild temporary scent of chlorine.

Removing Pet Urine Stains

Stains from urine vary in appearance, from a barely noticeable light yellow to dark brown spots. With the proper treatment, most urine stains can be eliminated, but not always. Sometimes urine stains simply cannot be removed from the carpet fiber, regardless of how it may be treated.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal Guarantee

Dalworth is confident that we can improve, if not fully remove, pet odor and stains from your carpet and upholstery. We can guarantee complete removal of pet odor in most circumstances, providing the customer is willing to incur the cost of the remediation steps that are necessary. These steps vary depending on the condition of the affected area. An inspection of the area must be made first, in order to produce an estimate of the cost.

Guarantee of Odor Removal is limited to 24 hours if the pet continues to be kept at the premises after the odor removal treatment has been completed.

Pet Odor Management Approach

For most pet owners, the challenges that come with having a pet in the home are worth the benefit. With the right system in place, Dalworth can help keep pet odors in check, even with repeated accidents occurring in the same area. Use the following team approach with Dalworth.

  • Identify accidents quickly.
  • Prompt attention paid to dealing with accidents.
  • Use the right products and procedures.
  • Periodic, but regular, professional attention.

The cost of a guaranteed odor removal process may not be worth it if you intend to keep your pet in your home. If so, the pet odor management approach may be a better option

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