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Your carpet takes a beating from foot traffic, pets and life in general. Eventually, wear and tear may become obvious. Permanent stains, wrinkles, and separating seams don’t have to mean replacement. Dalworth Clean offers expert carpet repair services to keep your carpet looking great.

Dalworth Carpet Repair Services

  • Re-Stretching


    If looking across the carpet in your living room reminds you of looking at the waves rolling in on the beach, then you may need to re-stretch your carpet. The proper way to stretch the carpet between two walls is to use a power stretcher. Skipping this step in the original installation will likely lead to wrinkles in the future. It may look bad, but it’s repairable. When stretched properly, it should stay for years.

  • Seam Repair

    Perhaps your dog tried his best to open the door by pawing at the carpet underneath it? The result is now a separated seam. We can restore it back to like new in most cases.

  • Stain Removal

    Our cleaning process includes pre-treatment of all spotsd stai anns prior to cleaning. This generally removes most of the problems. However, some things can create permanent stains which can’t be removed by the normal cleaning process, especially spills from liquids containing dyes, acids or bleach. Even pet urine can create permanent stains that cannot be removed by cleaning.

  • Carpet Patching

    C Repair

    For cigarette burns, permanent stains that cannot be removed, or perhaps an area of the carpet that has been damaged, we have a solution; patch it. Dalworth can remove the damaged area and replace it with a “bonded insert” from another piece of the same carpet. Perhaps you have some left over from the original installation, or you could even use carpet from a closet? Our bonded inserts are often hard to detect once completed and will hold up to normal wear and cleaning.

  • Color Repair

    Although we don’t offer carpet dyeing as a service, Dalworth can provide color repair for small areas where color loss is a problem, such as sun fading and bleach spots.

  • Carpet Pad Replacement

    If your carpet cushion has lost its support, or if your family pet has had one too many accidents on your carpet, Dalworth can replace the padding underneath.

  • Water Damage Repair

    Just because your carpet has been submerged in water because of a flood doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ruined, provided the water is not black or gray water. Prompt action is important when floods occur, but in most cases, Dalworth can save the carpet and restore it to a fresh and clean “like new” condition.C Gallery

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