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Water Damaged Carpet Repair in Dallas/Fort Worth

A common question that comes to every homeowner’s mind that can water-damaged carpets be saved. The answer is yes. We the Professionals at Dalworth can help you repair your water-damaged carpet. Call us now to learn how we can help you!

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Things To Do Right After Noticing Water Damage on Carpet

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Identify the Source

Determine the cause of the water damage and try to stop water from flowing.


Lift Furniture

Lift furniture and other belongings from wet carpets to prevent further damage.


Ventilate the Area

If possible increase airflow to aid in drying by opening windows and using fans.

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Document Damage

Take photos or videos for insurance claims and professional assessment.


Call Professionals

Contact carpet repair experts like Dalworth for thorough assessment & repairs.


Dalworth Your Premier Carpet Repair Service Provider

At Dalworth, we swiftly extract water from the carpet to prevent mold growth. Recognizing that water-damaged carpets demand more than drying, we utilize advanced techniques for thorough cleaning and sanitization. Then we repair your carpet.

From patching affected areas to seamless blending with the existing carpet, our expertise ensures a smooth repair. We customize our repair service based on the damage extent for efficient and effective results.

Let Us Repair Your water Damaged Carpet in DFW!

If water damage affects your carpet in Arlington, GrapevinePlano, Garland, Frisco, and other areas, reach out to Dalworth. Since 1976 we have been leading the carpet cleaning industry in DFW. Our commitment to excellence makes us your reliable partner in carpet repair. Just contact us to restore the integrity of your carpet and bring comfort back to your home.

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