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Reviewed By: Alphi A
Location: Lewisville, TX 75067

Please rate technician's appearance 5 Stars5
Please rate technician's attitude 5 Stars5
Please rate technician's competence 5 Stars5
Would you refer Dalworth to your friends 5 Stars5
Comment I regret I did not have cash with me to give Rubin and Anthony a tip.
My card was run by the office staff just because I had to step away for 30 minutes.

YOU DO HAVE A PROBLEM WHICH CAUSED ME TO SLIP UP AND NOT ADD A TIP when the work was over. As you had my credit card number, there was no necessity for your woman at the office to make a fuss that I could not leave for 30 minutes. So, the woman apparently ran the payment through BEFORE THE JOB WAS FINISHED. THAT WAS FOOLISH. So, at the end of the good work by Rubin and Anthony, there was no need for me to pull our my card. There was no further calculation and I was unaware that a tip for them could have been the total. .

Rubin and Anthony were such diligent and gracious guys that deserved a tip!!. Please reach into your miscellaneous account and give them $25.00 each on behalf of a client who would like to use your services in the future. PROMISE ME THAT YOU WOULD GIVE THEM THIS TIP.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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