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Carpet Patching in Dallas-Fort Worth

The carpeting in your house or rental property is a significant investment. That said, it can be frustrating to discover that your beautiful-looking carpet below your potted plant has been rotten or an unintentional fire burned a hole.

As it turns out, overcoming the problem isn't quite as complex as you would have anticipated. Here at Dalworth Clean, we can restore tiny, isolated areas that are frayed, torn, burnt, or discolored beyond repair with advanced and effective patching service which can help the residents and homeowners living around Garland, Plano throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. So call us today at 817-553-2184 and get a free estimate.

Carpet Patching

Our Carpet Patching Service

Here at Dalworth Clean, our carpet patching service involves cutting out the affected patch and using a “bonded insert’ from another piece of the same carpet. We can also match the color of your current carpet and give a replacement piece that you can put back in the closet.

In addition to being knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and speedy, we are also reasonably priced. All of our carpet experts have shown a high level of attention to detail and a commitment to exceeding tight quality standards in their previous job experiences. Here are some of the potential damages that can occur to your carpet where we provided a free estimate about the cost of carpet patching-

  • Rips & Tears
  • Iron Burns
  • Pulled Threads
  • Pot Plant Marks
  • Fraying Split Seams
  • Floods, Mold & Rot
  • Wear under desks & chairs
  • Pet Damage

Choose Dalworth Clean for the Best Carpet Patching Services

Besides carpet patching service, Dalworth Clean also provides other valuable carpet repair services like re-stretching in Irving, Arlington, and other cities throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. So if you are interested in the effective and advanced carpet patching service at an affordable price, then call us today at 817-553-2184 or contact us online to know more about our services!