Professional Cleaning Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

Concrete Staining and Polishing Services for Pavilions in DFW

People come to pavilions to enjoy live sports. A lot of people come and leave a lot of dirt in the pavilions. If you leave the dirt as it is, the dirt will accumulate and decrease the floor's beauty. Your plain old concrete floor can be transformed by Dalworth into a "one-off" special floor that is incredibly resilient against dirt. Dalworth provides top-notch polished concrete floors across Dallas-Fort Worth. 

Our polished concrete floor is easy to clean and maintain. We perform in Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland, and other areas as well. If you live in this area you can call us for the polished concrete floor by dialing 817-553-2184 or you can also contact us online here.

Our Time Tested Polishing Process

Concrete can be polished to a higher degree that it resembles the reflection quality of glass. The process of polishing concrete is very similar to the one used to smooth the surface of a piece of wood. You start with a piece of sandpaper that has a coarse grit and works your way up to sandpaper with a finer grain. Finishing the wood with a very high grit count is required in order to provide a smooth surface. The process of polishing concrete is exactly the same, except that we use diamond pads instead of sandpaper.

Why Dalworth Is Your Best Choice?

Dalworth is the most trustworthy and reliable concrete floor polishing service provider in Dallas & Fort Worth. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and satisfaction. The media and the customers both acknowledge our outstanding service. Over the years, Dalworth has received an A+ Company Ranking with the Better Business Bureau and 15-time of the Super Service Award from Angie's List. That's why when you want to see your floor neat and clean as well as smooth, Daslworth is your best choice.

Let Us Handle Your Pavilion's Floor

When it comes to pavilions we provide extra care and time. Our experts are always open for a free consultation and provide cost-effective service. They also provide other services such as carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, wood floor care, and many more. Contact us at 817-553-2184 or for online reservation click here, for polished concrete floor.