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Red Wine Stain Cleaning Tips in Dallas/Fort Worth

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Red Wine has been fallen down in Carpet

Red Wine Stain Removal

Red wine spills result in a type of stain that is dark red or purplish in color and contains alcohol, sugar, tannin, and various coloring agents.

Stain Removal Ingredients

  • AMMONIA 1 Tbsp. clear household ammonia in 1/2 cup water. Always pre-test.
  • DETERGENT 1-2 drops colorless, mild detergent or dishwashing liquid in 1 cup lukewarm¬†water.
  • ENZYME DETERGENT Mix enzyme detergent per instructions on the package and allow to remain on stain recommended time. Do not over wet. CAUTION: Enzymes can damage natural fibers like wool. Use with care or Call Us.
  • WHITE VINEGAR 1/3 cup white household vinegar in 2/3 cup water.


  • Apply cool detergent solution, blot.
  • Apply ammonia solution, blot.
  • Apply vinegar solution, blot.
  • Apply enzyme detergent, blot. (See Caution Above)
  • Rinse thoroughly with water, blot until dry.
  • Apply dry-cleaning solvent, blot.

(Dry cleaning solvent contains an organic compound. Use carefully in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Use in well-ventilated space and avoid products containing perchlorethylene.)

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