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Types of Tiles Cleaned by Dalworth Clean in Dallas & Fort Worth

Any building can be beautified by tile floors and it is tough to go wrong with them. They are long-lasting and durable. Tile is a wise investment in any setting, from stone patios to ceramic tile entryways. Sadly, tile is not impervious to the hazardous substances in and around your house. That is why professional tile cleaning is important.

Dalworth Clean provides excellent tile cleaning services for every type of tile. When you require your tiles to look their best, we are here to help you out. We have more than 35 years of experience in the residential and commercial tile cleaning industry.

We take great pleasure in our excellent level of client satisfaction and award-winning customer service. Our team provides services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Anna, Allen, Azle, and nearby areas in DFW Metroplex. Call us at 817-553-2184 to make an appointment with us.

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What are The Types of Tiles?

There are many types of tiles available in the market. Some of the most popular ones are given below:

  • Ceramic tiles: Red, white, or brown clay that has been burned in a kiln is essentially the base material for ceramic tiles. These tiles are available in a wide range of designs and colors.

  • Porcelain tiles: A more refined type of clay ceramic tile is porcelain. Porcelain tiles are more durable than red clay ceramic tiles because they are made of a higher proportion of quartz and silicon and are fired or baked at a higher temperature.

  • Glass tiles: Shiny glass tiles are an alluring option for shower or backsplash tiling. Glass tiles have the highest stain resistance of any type of tile. They are even resistant to acidic lemon juice and red wine.

Count on Dalworth Clean to Clean Any Type of Tiles in Dallas & Fort Worth

Dalworth Clean has received a lot of awards for the quality of our services. Our tile and grout cleaning services also include heavy-duty tile floor cleaning, ceramic tile cleaning, and travertine tile cleaning. Give us a call at 817-553-2184 or click this link to obtain our services.