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Hardwood has been a trendy choice for residential flooring for many years because of its durability and longevity. Perhaps even more appealing is the beauty of hardwood floors to builders and homeowners. It is warm, enticing, smooth underfoot, and elegant.

However, hardwood entails regular floor cleaning to maintain its glow since daily foot traffic carries dirt, sand, dust, and other small debris. But many homeowners cannot clean the floor regularly. In this case, when your hardwood floors look deformed and dull, only one solution to revive your flooring is to give it a wax finish.

When choosing a professionals wood floor waxing, you want to pick that you can trust to bring the charm and glow of your hardwood floors back. Here at Dalworth Clean, we have been providing wood floor care services for the last 45 years. Our professionals are some of the most competent and endured in their field. Call us today at 817-553-2184 to get flawless wood floor waxing service.

The Process of Waxing Hardwood Floor

Even with the most constant of regular cleaning, hardwood floors will need waxing at some point. For hardwood floor waxing process requires some steps:

  • Arrangement: All spaces needing protection taped off with painter's tape. This process will protect all the valuable furniture from the brown liquid wax.
  • Waxing: The wood floors are usually hand waxed by using liquid floor wax. The wax is applied by hand to make the floor shiny and detailed using cloth towels and applicators.
  • Drying: The wax is dried by employing several high-powered floor blowers and is ready for slow buffing and polishing.
  • Slow Buffing: This buffing slowly works the wax into the wood flooring and cleans it simultaneously. Special is required to keep the wax out of the trenches and off your belongings.
  • Polishing: The ultimate step is to polish the hardwood floors using a high-speed burnisher. The process will dissolve the wax and produce a more shining radiance than just slow buffing.

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