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Reviewed By: Janet J
Location: Irving, TX 75061

Please rate technician's appearance 4 Stars4
Please rate technician's attitude 5 Stars5
Please rate technician's competence 5 Stars5
Would you refer Dalworth to your friends 3 Stars3
Comment The weather was humid and so the drying time took longer than usual but I was not surprised. The only thing that bothered me this time was that a residue that was left on the carpet. There was a glue-like substance on the bottom of my shoes from the carpet so when I went from the carpet to the tile in our house it felt like I had stepped in soda and was tracking it all over. It was so sticky and now I am just hesitant about what Dalworth uses to clean the carpets. I vacuumed a few times and things are better now but I wonder if I want to have this done again since it was such a problem. Mike Utzman and Vince were terrifc as usual.
Overall Rating 4 Stars

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