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Reviewed By: David R
Location: Frisco, TX 75034

Please rate technician's appearance 5 Stars5
Please rate technician's attitude 5 Stars5
Please rate technician's competence 5 Stars5
Would you refer Dalworth to your friends 5 Stars5
Comment Harold kept everything and everyone on task, knowing exactly what was to be done when, how, and by whom. He worked hard right along with them. I appreciated the brawn to exert energy needed. He especially was there guiding the two clean-cut teens, fairly a new experience due to their youth. I appreciated no smoking or cell phone times out, which would have given me reason never to use the service again.
All were polite and professional. I noted the attention to detail. I had dropped a small knob behind one of the bedroom cabinets, not wanting to move the piece and retrieve. When I was placing items back, there was the knob where I would not miss it that they had retrieved.
They also carefully took down pottery and more from upper shelves I am donating to charity. This enabled the team to do even a closer job at cleaning. I was very impressed that James came posthaste for the estimate AND followed through via phone PLUS actual visit toward end of the cleaning!
The office personnel were friendly, efficient, professional and followed through--starting with Courtney, whom I communicated with several times. She was never hurried but explained all clearly.
HA I spread the words to my friends, who say I cannot come to their homes since I had mine deep cleaned. Hopefully, they will get the option message.
I WILL call again. Thanks, Carolyn
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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