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  • Reviewed By: Edye B
  • Location: Duncanville, TX 75116
  • Please rate technician's appearance 5 Stars5
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  • Comment: Both rooms have that orange color to it. It was just one room that had that orange, now both rooms have that orange tint to it. I had all that company come over and they were asking about it. It had to be something in the product. Its just the oddest thing I've ever seen. They got most of the spots up, I mean that's better, but my carpets have never been orange. He was a very nice young man, he really was, and he did improve the spots that the first man left. But I have no idea what has turned those carpets orange. Its like an orange stain and its all over. A pale, gold orange color. I paid the extra $37.00 and I just cant pay out anymore money.
  • Overall Rating 4 Stars

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